• Facebook Ads - Gamma
Facebook Ads - Gamma

Facebook Ads - Gamma

Rs. 10,000.00


10,000/- + tax

Cover picture update No
Frequency of cover picture update -
Ad Account Audit No
No. of Facebook Ad Objectives
Facebook best performing objectives Page Likes
Post Engagement
Website Traffic
Website Conversion
Lead Ad
No. of Ads - Facebook
Any 2 from below
1200 - 1400 Likes
2000 - 2500 Post Reach
Upto 1200 Unique Visitors
Based on market standards
Based on market standards
No. of Instagram Ad Objectives
Instagram objectives Profile Visits
Website Traffic
No. of Target Audience(s)
Target location for Ads
Performance report
Or any 1 from below
700 - 900 Profile visits
450 - 600 Post Reach
Upto 850 Unique Visitors
3 Target Locations
Weekly metrics report
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