• Google Ads - Beta
Google Ads - Beta

Google Ads - Beta

Rs. 15,000.00

Google Ads


Marketing Mix Search or Call Only
Estimated unique clicks 375*
Search Targeting 5 Relevant Keywords
Display Targeting
Geo targeting 5 KM up to 1 city
# of promoted services/products Up to 2
Minimum # of unique text ads 6
Minimum # of responsive image ads NA
Start up Initial Basic Setup Landing Page Recommendatons
SQR Analysis/Month 2
Google Analytics Setup Basic
Conversion Tracking Basic
Search Console Setup How to guide
AB Tests No
Audience list management No
Ongoing Campaign Optimization No
Landing Page Optimization No
Launch plan: Launch plan
Email Support Yes
Chat Support Yes
Phone Support No

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*Estimate only. Actual clicks depends on targeting, geography, competition, website quality, and a host of other factors.


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