Lifecycle Of The Search Campaign

What are you doing for my Google AdWords or Microsoft Bing campaign?

A whole lot! Even a basic search campaign includes:

  1. Start up tasks
    1. Google / Bing Account Creation
    2. Install and configure conversion tracking, Google Analytics, and Remarketing codes
    3. Website audit and client consultation (if required) or landing page creation
    4. Define the objective of the campaign
    5. Create the account structure
    6. Create keywords in a logical and experienced manner
    7. Create an initial set of negative keywords
    8. Create meaningful and compelling ads (text and image)
    9. Create a Google Analytics account

                                                                   i.      If already existing then link the accounts

                                                                   ii.      Advanced set-up including goals, funnels, and a custom dashboard

    10. Group keywords and ad copy in a proper, scalable manner
    11. Create ad extensions

                                                                   i.      Site links Extensions

                                                                   ii.      Location Extensions

                                                                   iii.      Call Extensions

    12. Set bid amounts based on your business logic
    13. Set target locations and bid accordingly
    14. Set device (computer + tablets / smart phones) level bids based on industry experience.
  1. Ongoing optimization
    1. Monitor quality score(QS) of the keywords

                                                             i.      If the quality score is lagging, then improve the relevancy between keyword / ad copy and website and make required adjustments to positively impact your QS, CTR, and AdRank

    1. Monitor CTR (Click Through Rate)

                                                             i.      Quality score improvements

                                                             ii.      Bid adjustments to focus on performing search terms

                                                             iii.      Ad copy adjustments to create a meaningful offer and effective call to action.

                                                             iv.      Search query report analysis, adding variations of your best keywords and using negative keywords to get rid of low performing searches.

                                                             v.      Adjusting the “match type” used, on a keyword level

    1. Monitor leads or sales

                                                             i.      Keyword optimisation – pausing underperforming keywords and building out variations of your best keywords

                                                             ii.      Match type adjustments to focus on the lowest cost per lead searches

                                                             iii.      Continually working with our clients to create high relevancy between keyword, ad copy, website, and the actual product or service.

                                                             iv.      Lowering bounce rate thru ongoing optimization

                                                             v.      Raising time on site per visitor thru ongoing optimization

                                                             vi.      Ad copy adjustments and optimization

                                                             vii.      Website/landing page recommendations or redesigns

                                                             viii.      Continually analyzing the search query report to identify and build on searches which are getting you results.