Why Digital Advertising Agency ?

Why do I need an agency, can’t I run a campaign by myself?

Yes! You can certainly run a Google AdWords or Microsoft Bing PPC campaign by yourself. However, to get the best performance out of your campaign it requires a tremendous amount of time, dedication, experience, knowledge, and effort. Instead of learning a new field, partnering with O3M enables you to focus on your customers while we manage the online marketing.

Don’t believe us? See what Google has to say:

Fine, I need an agency. Why should I choose O3M?

O3M prides itself on being leaders in digital marketing. We believe you will choose O3M because its 100+ man-years of experience, track record of success, and high level of industry expertise will lead to the successful online marketing campaign your company requires.

O3M prides itself on treating clients the right way; focusing on ethics, ability, performance, and transparency in all of our digital campaign.

Did you know?

  • O3M won Google India’s PSP Award for Customer Satisfaction.
  • O3M analysts gain experience working on both Indian and international campaigns and then apply their learning’s to your account.
  • O3M gives you actual access to your account, allowing you to always be in tune with what we are doing for you.

Why do you suggest minimum campaign duration of 1 month?

Rome wasn’t built it a day and neither is a highly performing digital advertising campaign. Much of our analysts’ work involves gathering data and then adjusting based on performance, your unique business goals, competition, new technologies, and the overall digital marketing landscape.

In the first days of a campaign launch we are focusing on building a solid foundation for the future growth of your campaign. This takes effort, dedication, experience, and of course time.

Towards the end of month 1 our analysts and you should have a good idea of the initial performance of your campaign and then can work on continually optimizing it and getting the most out of digital advertising. Read the lifecycle of the search advertising campaign