• Google Ads - Zeta
Google Ads - Zeta

Google Ads - Zeta

Rs. 100,000.00

Google Ads


Marketing Mix Responsive Search Ads Call Only Display Remarketing Gmail Sponsored Promotions
Estimated unique clicks 3500*
Search Targeting 50+ Relevant Keywords
Display Targeting Up to eight targeting selects (audience, placement, topic)
Geo targeting Up to 7 cities or three states
# of promoted services/products Up to 10
Minimum # of unique text ads 18
Minimum # of responsive image ads 10
Start up Initial Advanced Setup Landing Page Recommendatons Landing Page Recommedation implementation
SQR Analysis/Month 14
Google Analytics Setup Advanced
Conversion Tracking Advanced
Search Console Setup Yes
AB Tests Weekly
Audience list management Advanced (up to 10)
Ongoing Campaign Optimization Advanced
Landing Page Optimization Yes
Launch plan: Launch Plan Media Plan
Email Support Yes
Chat Support Yes
Phone Support Yes

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*Estimate only. Actual clicks depends on targeting, geography, competition, website quality, and a host of other factors.


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